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the continuation of a syntactic unit from one line of verse into the next line without a pause


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As is usual in the Decameron, the brigata's comments appear under the rubric of the following tale, in the text which marks the transition from one tale to the next, a form of narrative enjambement.
The enjambement between the second quatrain and the first tercet, occurring at the lines "Prechistaia i nash bozhestvennyi spasitel' / Ona s velichiem, on s razumom v ochakh," is unusual.
For these and other characteristics of oral versus literary style, such as the reduced frequency of enjambement in oral tradition, see David C.
When Celan uses enjambement, which splits a word between lines and is marked by a hyphen, he creates tension.
Everything in Burroughs is, obviously and flagrantly, homosexual; yet of course homosexual relations are, in the most obvious of all senses, 'end-stopped', they are (to use an essential linguistic translation) incapable of enjambement.
Ha um enjambement muito suave em alguns versos que poderia sugerir o aspecto retilineo das "rampas"; esse retilineo tambem esta em Quadema na cana-corpo da mulher de Jogos frutais ou no desfolhar da Bailadora andaluza, na estrada do Motorneiro de Caxanga; esta na estrutura de A Mulher e a casa.
Ek het dit gedoen om 'n elegiese, hipnotiese ritme te kry, wat nie te vroeg deur enjambement onderbreek word nie.
The first is an extremely high incidence of enjambement,
The enjambement 'Ave, / Maria', lengthening the rhythm of the terzina, and the iteration of the verb 'cantando', with the prolonged smooth sound -ando, are probably meant to reproduce Piccarda's chant, like Philomel's 'Twit twit twit'.
The fluidity of the strophe and the natural thematic progression in the two quatrains of the octave are further enhanced by the enjambement after the first hemistich of the third line.
5) Uit die ontleding van Du Ptessis se ander liedere word dit duidelik dat hy soms te veel waarde beg aan die versreel as eenheid, en dat hy daardeur die betekenis van die enjambement verskraal (Van der Mescht, 1987:21-24).
There is even a kind of (serious) playfulness, in the rhythmic tilt of enjambement in the plain poems, as in the very outrageousness with which chunks of language from just about everywhere are cast against each other in the big pieces.
27) The sonnet's exclamatory tone prevents any notable structural manipulation; most lines are self-contained, with only one example of enjambement between lines five and six.
This phrase, complete with the enjambement, is also found in Nirala's most explicitly nationalist poem "Maharaj Sivaji ka Patra": charo kab ksatriyo ne apna bhag?
The enjambement offers the actual picture of the boat leaving the sad child's hand and the unstable alexandrine that follows explains the doomed fragility of the launched craft: