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Synonyms for enigmatic

Synonyms for enigmatic

Synonyms for enigmatic

not clear to the understanding

resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought


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At work, Henry is drawn to the enigmatic Freddie, while Lance greets newcomer Daniel, but both friendships are set on a course to explode.
Freakish deaths start occurring as the enigmatic Ernessa seems intent on wiping out certain groups of her fellow students.
Describing her role of Severine, Berenice says that she was described by the writers and director as glamorous and enigmatic.
THE VERDICT Perhaps too enigmatic and beguiling for its own good, this murky mystery tale also offers a lot for the dedicated viewer to enjoy, not least a stylish performance by Thomas who entrances Hawke and takes him into dark, unsettling territory.
BACK in 2004 in my very first book entitled Godiva Rocks, I was discussing the enigmatic pop impresario Reg Calvert.
The list of famous Hungarians is quite a bit longer than the one of famous Belgians, and they're enigmatic virtually to a man.
Summary: ISTANBUL (Cihan) -- Istanbul's most beautiful place Bosphorus turned into the enigmatic dreamlands under the heavy fog on Tuesday.
THE rise and fall of an enigmatic black street performer who achieved fame in England at the time of the Napoleonic Wars is the subject of a new play by a senior Sandwell Council officer.
Old English enigmatic poems and the play of the texts.
Enigmatic Harry Johnson reappears from the previous novel in the series to provide Jury with more doubts and thrown curves while they drink wine at Dust, a trendy bar at which the murder victim was last seen before going to the hotel.
Along the way, both of these men fall for the beautiful, enigmatic Marlene Liebovitz.
Shohreh Aghdashloo, an Oscar nominee three years ago for ``House of Sand and Fog,'' appears as the enigmatic Charlie, who dispatches Bobby on his jobs.
At that point, developers and mayors could see the economic logic of the sculptural gesture (with its many enigmatic signifiers), and the same method was applied to any and every building type.
Searching for an elixir of youth, she munches down dumplings made by the enigmatic Mei (Bai Ling).
Iarovici's unique writing style is enigmatic and tenacious, giving the reader a vivid and enrapturing concept of the enrapturing stories sure to engage them, making American Dreaming a very highly recommended read, perfect for the general fiction reader, particularly those with an interest in the alienating culture of modern America.