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Synonyms for enhance

Synonyms for enhance

to endow with beauty and elegance by way of a notable addition

to look good on or with

to make greater in intensity or severity

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Synonyms for enhance

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VG - MP: Designed to improve and enhance the Body Energy "QI" and blood circulation system, preventing miscarriage and enhancing the female's regeneration system and functions and improving the body's unique energy and endurance level;
Mathcad 2001i further enhances these core capabilities by facilitating standards compliance within organizations through seamless integration with other common applications used by engineers, including spreadsheets, Microsoft Office applications, Visio(R), AutoCAD(R) and MATLAB(R).
Picasso 6000 IP phone, and enhances the strategic positioning of our field-tested CNS 3200 software platform to service providers and large, multiple location enterprise customers.
Kazoo3D (LSE: KZO), an Internet-based company, is creating a consumer-friendly 3D platform that adds to and enhances all kinds of visual communications - business and personal - including web site-based images, interactive e-mail and electronic notices, as well as photos and hard copy documents.
The ATVEF and IP-based data broadcasting provides consumers with dramatically-enhanced television content, including statistics for sporting events, more detailed pictorial and text information, supplementary news coverage, interactive content that enhances educational and entertainment value of programming, and the ability to order online products and services featured in the programming.
with the delivery of pushed Web content that enhances a
Offering Turns Chat Into an Entertaining Interface That Enhances
Interactivity is a simple, logical extension that enhances the Weather Channel viewer experience by extending the options available to them," said, Karen Lennon, Vice President, Business Development New Media, at the Weather Channel.
When performing Harmonic Angio for MCE, the S3 transducer enhances contrast agent visualization in the entire myocardium, particularly in the lateral and anterior walls.
By offering one development platform for both the computer and NUON DVD, we will provide our customers an integrated solution that quickly and easily enhances DVD content with advanced features for both the home office and the living room," said Todd Collart, President and CEO of InterActual Technologies.
Wink differs from Internet access on television as it enhances and is broadcast with existing shows and commercials, requires no infrastructure upgrades or additional hardware in the home, and is free to viewers.
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