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Synonyms for enhancement

Synonyms for enhancement

something added to another for embellishment or completion

Synonyms for enhancement

an improvement that makes something more agreeable


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Enhancement along the normal facial nerve in the facial canal: MR imaging and anatomic correlation.
To date, Heller's Credit enhancement opportunities have generally taken three forms: 1) converting high fixed-rate tax free bonds to low floaters to significantly reduce debt service; 2) providing aggressive leverage for the acquisition of projects driven by the benefits of inexpensive low floater financing; and 3) re-enhancing existing projects based on based on today's economics, given the previous enhancer's willingness to accept a discount.
The survey, which queried consumers on textile enhancements for bedding, bath, tabletop and other home furnishings, reports consumers are very interested in having enhancements built in to their favorite household textiles provided the enhancements would increase their function, comfort and/or durability.
Credit enhancement for the 'AAA' class A certificates reflects the 20.
Ellijay, GA (site enhancement to improve capacity in Ellijay and Hwy 52 and Hwy 108)
In addition to the added 64-bit components that are available today in SQL Server 2005 Beta 2, beta testers will see a large number of enhancements across the entire release that are geared toward enterprise data management, developer productivity and business intelligence.
Our attendance at CES was a great success," said Brett Moyer, CEO of Focus Enhancements.
TALARIA uses both WiMedia MB-OFDM and Focus Enhancements DS-OFDM modulation techniques.
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