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Founded in 2001 by Arthur Henley, co-holder of an early VoIP patent, Meriplex Communications is a Texas-based enhanced service provider specializing in communication solutions for the enterprise market.
Reynwood Carrier Services, a wholesale enhanced service provider, is an industry leader in wholesale communications.
Transcom Enhanced Services (TES) is a leading enhanced service provider specializing in the modification of the form and content of telephone calls and other communications to improve bandwidth efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate the development and provision of advanced applications.
The company offers similar services for paging companies, call centers and enhanced service providers.
com, is an enhanced service provider marketing a unique broadcast quality (30 frames per second) proprietary Video and Voice Soft-phone utilizing MPEG4 technology.
InfoInterActive globally markets ICM directly to end-users, and through telephone companies, Internet Service Providers, Enhanced Service Providers and other value-added channels.
The establishment of these new network platforms completes the next step in Telstar's plans to become a truly global facilities-based enhanced service provider.
The special dialing arrangement known as N11 Service allows an enhanced service provider to provide information to callers through the use of three-digit numbers.
iPhone2 (Pink Sheets:IPHN) is an enhanced service provider that developed and markets a unique software video phone, ImagePhone2(tm).
com (Pink Sheets: IPHN) is an enhanced service provider that developed and markets a unique video/voice soft phone, ImagePhone2 (TM).
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