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increased or intensified in value or beauty or quality

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In addition, the AICPA Special Committee on Enhanced Business Reporting established the Public Company EBR Task Force and the Private Company EBR Task Force to research and develop examples of how enhanced business reports may appear.
The Enhanced CD campaign ties into the Army's web-centric focus, connecting its target audience to the extensive content on www.
Enhanced HIPS materials were largely spared from the price hikes that affected all other PS and ABS materials in 1994.
News of the Enhanced RCC coincides with availability of another "industry first" for enterprise networking security.
Whereas conventional HIPS contains upwards of 6-10% rubber by weight, with 1-8 micron rubber particle size, enhanced HIPS or ASR grades use 8-9% rubber, taking advantage of smaller particle size (0.
GridVision Enhanced offers all of the mission critical tools required for an InfiniBand cluster in a commercial-grade, host-based solution that enables the utmost scalability and performance for large fabrics.
Content rendering is further enhanced on 724's XMS by seamlessly integrating the web content optimization capability from WiderWeb, a leader in web content adaptation.
Enhanced Television Demonstration -- Standards for Enhanced Television (interactive television applications) have been developed by cable operators under the auspices of CableLabs.
We have had over six years experience in offering the enhanced stable value strategy to the market, and the timing is right to offer it more broadly to our defined contribution clients.
Descartes Route Planner(TM) contains enhanced visualization and user interface control options to improve ease-of-use and manage user access across the enterprise;
Inspired by thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine and the ancient Chinese Medicinal Philosophy and principle and medical science of Taoism , China Health Holding's product line is enhanced via a unique innovative proprietary formula to reinforce the body's vital energy needs.
Atick commented, "These orders further support our belief that superior image quality coupled with enhanced biometric features, such as full hand capture, are driving not only a upgrade cycle from legacy systems, but also a desire for law enforcement agencies throughout the Nation to expand the reach of their existing live scan networks.
99/month) includes unlimited Mobile Email Enhanced service and unlimited data access, 120 multimedia messages, unlimited text messaging and wireless web browsing;
Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq:IDNX), the world's leading multi-biometrics security technology company, announced that it has received new purchase orders from the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association (PCPA) to provide its line of Identix(R) TouchPrint(TM) Enhanced Definition 3000 Series Live Scan Systems to continue Pennsylvania's roll-out of new technology to law enforcement agencies throughout the state.
Orders Demonstrate Increasing Demand for Identix' Latest High Quality Image Capture TouchPrint Enhanced Definition Live Scan Systems