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  • verb

Synonyms for enhance

Synonyms for enhance

to endow with beauty and elegance by way of a notable addition

to look good on or with

to make greater in intensity or severity

to increase or seek to increase the importance or reputation of by favorable publicity

Synonyms for enhance

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When asked to articulate concerns regarding their companies' structural orientation, many Web-enhanced leaders focus on internal improvements, particularly those that enhance accountability, collaboration, and communication.
724's vision of the Unwired Lifestyle(TM) enables people to use mobile data services to enhance and enrich their professional and private lives with services relevant to their specific needs, preserved across generations of technology," said Michael Luna, Chief Technology Officer at 724 Solutions.
The Fund provides the potential to enhance yield and return with little added volatility due to a yield-enhancing strategy that has a low correlation to the underlying stable value portfolio.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Effective today, Moody's assigns a debt rating of "Aa3" to the proposed issuance by Enhance Financial Services Group Inc.
Descartes Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL)(TM) is enhanced to offer light dispatch features for work assignment and route edits, and has extended views to enhance the productivity of customer service representatives;
VG - MP: Designed to improve and enhance the Body Energy "QI" and blood circulation system, preventing miscarriage and enhancing the female's regeneration system and functions and improving the body's unique energy and endurance level;
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Effective today, Moody's Investors Service announced that it has assigned a "Aaa" claims-paying rating to Enhance Reinsurance Company, a New York domiciled financial guaranty reinsurance company that began business in 1986.
NEW YORK, April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc.
We believe the improved performance of our Enhanced Definition systems over standard definition systems will enhance officer efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately resulting in more hits of image submissions against the State's AFIS.
0, we will provide our customers in all market segments a comprehensive BlackBerry solution to boost productivity and enhance their wireless experiences," said Mike Robey, Chief Operating Officer at CSL.