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Synonyms for engrave

Synonyms for engrave

to cut (a design or inscription) into a hard surface, especially for printing

to produce a deep impression of

Synonyms for engrave

carve, cut, or etch into a material or surface

impress or affect deeply

carve or cut into a block used for printing or print from such a block

carve or cut a design or letters into

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granite monuments are being engraved, woodworkers are able to engrave virtually every wood surface and in the auto industry manufacturers are marking, branding, and customizing engine covers and auto parts.
When asked by a friend to engrave six whiskey glasses, because he had a habit of asking "What's your poison" when offering a drink, she engraved a design including arsenic, strychnine, and hemlock.
Several years ago, Stork Prints introduced the Direct Laser Engraver (DLE), which directly engraves images onto flexo plates using a laser.
He said: "I am thrilled to have my work exhibited and have found learning how to engrave has really helped me especially with my ADHD condition.
The diverse ability of the custom laser equipment was met with one such enthusiastic inquiry to engrave butterflies, the meaning of the woman's native name.
The Quinlow process that is used to engrave paperweights, glasses, decanters and other glass products, guarantees a quality that is hard to match by other people or engravers,'' he maintains.
Here's what you will do: apply rubber strips to your urn, and then use a soldering iron to engrave a design in the rubber.
WHEN THE FIRST lasers were used for engraving purposes over 20 years ago, one of the main attractions was the lasers' ability to engrave detailed artwork directly on to wood, producing truly unique and eye catching results.
Furthermore, the fine detail preserved in the intaglios of the seals is ideal for study of ancient lapidary technology and a systematic investigation by the present authors has shown that it is possible to identify the methods used to engrave the seals (Sax & Meeks 1995; Sax et al.
The laser engraver shall have an Engraving Area of a minimum of 18 X 12 and able to engrave material up to 4 thick.
Since 1988, Epilog Laser has been designing and manufacturing CO2 and fiber laser systems that can engrave and cut wood, acrylic, plastic, fabric, rubber and many other materials.
0mm And Gauge 220, Pvc Self Adhesive Tape Brown Colour (V3 Industrial Tape) Length 50mtrs, Width50mm, Plastic File-310mm(L)X240mm(W) With Bhel Emblem Engrave Left Side Of The File And Printed
Even if 3D printers can print an entire new 3D world, they are generating new surfaces, large or small, for AP Lazers to engrave.
During this period, he came across an article in Gun Digest by Jack Prudhomme called "How to Engrave Firearms.
Inasmuch as this, to Giovanni Battista Mantovano (engraver of prints and excellent sculptor, whose story I related in the Lives of Giulio Romano and Marcantonio Bolognese) there were born two sons who engrave copper plates divinely, and what is more marvelous, a daughter named Diana also engraves so well that it is a wonderful thing: and when I saw her, a very well-bred and charming young lady, and her works, which are most beautiful, I was stunned.