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cause to grow together parts from different plants


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fix or set securely or deeply

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As they wait in the protected confines of a hospital, patients, who undergo HSC transplants, receive blood tests every day to gauge successful engraftment, searching for the presence of immune cells called neutrophils, had explained Kirsten M.
ProtoKinetix has developed and patented a family of hyper stable, potent glycopeptides that enhance both engraftment and protection of transplanted cells used in regenerative medicine.
Further product development work remains to improve engraftment of PEC-Encap, and non-clinical and clinical results have indicated the potential for improvement through modifications to the Encaptra Device.
Their observations included a range of clonal dynamics from extreme selective engraftment of minor clones to polyclonal engraftment with minimal clonal selection evident.
Engraftment of embryos was determined by means of a veterinarian ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus on the 45th day of the sexual cycle and on the 2nd month of pregnancy.
We are seeing what we believe to be dose-dependent marked increases in both absolute CD4 cell counts as well as the engraftment of CCR5 modified T cells with the increasing doses of Cytoxan," he said at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections 2014.
In running a second cohort of the Phase IB trial, which included 12 patients, dmPGE2 appeared to enhance the engraftment properties of the blood stem cells in humans and was deemed safe to continue into Phase II.
We discuss how using stem cell-like T cells can overcome the limitations of current adoptive T cell therapies, including inefficient T cell engraftment, persistence and ability to mediate prolonged immune attack.
Among the topics are epithelial-mesenchymal interactions during lung development and their potential relevance to lung repair, epithelial progenitor cells of the mammalian lung, the safety of exogenous stem cells, animal models, three-dimensional pulmonary constructs, repair of the lung epithelium in cystic fibrosis, assessing cell engraftment, in vivo imaging for cell therapy, and stem cells and lung cancer.
Leukocyte, granulocyte, and platelet engraftment occurred on days +18, +19, and +32, respectively.
Quantification of chimerism is used to monitor engraftment of donor cells following stem cell transplantation and is essential for early diagnosis of graft failure or relapse of the disease.
These include cryopreservation, quality assurance, detection of cell engraftment, and the future of the field with the development of fetal hepatoblasts and stem cell derived hepatocytes.
Engraftment depends on the conditioning regimen, GVHD prophylaxis, number of donor marrow cells infused and alloimmunization of the patient [3,4].
The reticulocyte count is used, therefore, in the evaluation of erythropoiesis or haematopoietic recovery in a wide range of clinical interventions, including bone marrow engraftment (1,2).
The, CD34+ cell yield, number of apheresis procedures performed, cytokine cost, and time to engraftment were recorded.