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Synonyms for engraft

cause to grow together parts from different plants


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fix or set securely or deeply

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The data here established in a variety of hematologic malignancies that pegfilgrastim can successful mobilize stem cells and that these cells engraft in a timely fashion.
What Shakespeare now does is graft the new, cultural form of reproduction upon the old, biological form: "And, all in war with Time for love of you,/As he takes from you, I engraft you new.
She added special facilitator cells to baboon bone marrow stem cells in hopes it would help the cells engraft into Getty's system and begin producing disease-fighting baboon immune system cells.
One concern, Deeks said, is that the amount of conditioning may have been too low to allow the baboon marrow to engraft in Getty.
The engineered myocardium could then be used to engraft the mice that had contributed the eggs for parthenogenesis.
an umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company based in Las Vegas, NV, announced it will pay a the owner of umbilical cord blood stem cells $50,000 if the stem cells stored with the company are used in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant and the stem cells fail to engraft.
A team of scientists from Iowa, Taiwan, and Germany used embryonic stem cells containing the protein HOXB4 to engraft the bone marrow of mice whose immune systems had been destroyed by radiation.
The annualization rules regrettably engraft on the determination of estimated tax payments an uncertainty comparable to that which exists in determining a taxpayer's annual taxable income--plus a few additional wrinkles.
Our first series of experiments are designed to test the ability of our cells to engraft and survive in vivo.
The molecule was able to expand the stem cells by about 300-400% and scientists saw evidence that it improved the ability of stem cells to successfully engraft.
The proposed regulations would thus engraft a further loss limitation on section 382 that appears unsupported by the statue and legislative history.
The encouraging results of this latest study follow previously reported data showing that StemCells' neural stem cells engraft, survive long term, and can protect the retina from progressive degeneration in the RCS rat.
They injected hAECs into the animals' peritoneal cavity to determine if the cells would migrate to the lung, engraft, and form functional lung epithelium.
The Company's preclinical research has shown that HuCNS-SC cells can be directly transplanted; are able to engraft, migrate, and differentiate into neurons and glial cells; and possess the ability to survive for as long as one year with no sign of tumor formation or adverse effects.
Under Americord's quality guarantee, in the event that a client's stem cells fail to engraft, Americord will pay up to $80,000 to defray the cost of the procurement of an alternative source of stem cells or to seek alternative treatment, if medically indicated.