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Synonyms for engorgement

the condition of being full to or beyond satisfaction

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congestion with blood

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eating ravenously or voraciously to satiation

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Permeability edema (often called noncardiogenic) lacks the pulmonary venous engorgement noted above.
However, the time for engorgement (<3 minutes) was much shorter than the 45 minutes allowed for in vitro salivation.
Breast engorgement usually occurs when feeding is delayed or restricted or if the baby is unable to suck efficiently because he/she is not correctly attached to the breast.
Beta blockers, another typical treatment for high blood pressure, interrupt the signaling process that tells the brain to initiate engorgement.
Resection of the tumour can be undertaken during CS, but vascular engorgement of the pelvis may increase surgical risk.
com) provide immediate and effective warming or cooling relief to help ease the discomfort of engorgement, blocked ducts, and mastitis.
We defined the degree of engorgement in 4 categories from unengorged (score 0) to fully engorged (score 3), as visually determined.
2007) indicate that the energy cost associated with replacing direct blood loss has a substantial metabolic impact during the 2-3 week peak period of female adult engorgement.
The increased density in the subarachnoid space in pseudo-subarachnoid hemorrhage has been postulated to be due to engorgement of pial vasculature combined with heightened vascular conspicuity due to decreased parenchymal attenuation.
The characteristic findings in a brain MRI, present in approximately 70% of patients, are subdural fluid collections, enhancement of the pachymeninges, engorgement of venous structures, pituitary hyperaemia and sagging of the brain (11).
A negative correlation exsists between lung compliance and the magnitude of pulmonary vascular engorgement as well as the radiological degree of plethora.
The steady engorgement of smartphone screen sizes and shrinking of tablets, in addition to Samsung's Galaxy Note II sales, might prove to be a sign on the sway Samsung can command over the entire market for mobile devices.
One reason for the disastrous engorgement of presidential powers was that all parties at the Convention tacitly agreed that the first president would be George Washington, whom even the most suspicious Anti-Federalists admired.
1), (2) As the mesenteric lymphadenopathy enlarges, it may compress the mesenteric vessels, partially obstructing venous return, resulting in engorgement of the enhanced mesenteric veins and making them more prominent within the sandwich filling.
Clinical signs of lead poisoning in birds are impactions of the gastrointestinal tract, muscle and fat atrophy, gall bladder engorgement and biliary liver discoloration, muscle weakness, paralysis, greenish diarrhea, anemia, and inhibition of [delta]-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase.