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Synonyms for engorged

Synonyms for engorged

overfull as with blood


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For the virus acquisition feeding, each mouse was inoculated intraperitoneally with DH82 cells containing 106 plaque forming units of SFTSV, and ticks were fed on the SFTSV-infected mice for 3-8 days until engorged.
Like a new mother with her first baby, God is offering the nipple of His word that is engorged with truth and nourishment and relationship and so much more.
Silicone inserts remained gentle even on engorged teats, and the process of attaching the milker to the teats doesn't require wrestling with the four-pronged claw and a nervous cow.
Each of these growths has the size and appearance of a nipple or engorged tick and neither dog appears bothered by them.
In situations of stress, constipation, obesity, pregnancy, or if they are common in your family, these piles may become swollen and engorged with a lot of blood.
Some examples include placing ice cubes infused with mamaku on engorged breasts, using moka to tie the umbilical cord and romiromi (massage).
It was even worth watching Wayne Rooney, his head like an engorged testicle, his new hair drawn on with permanent (he hopes) marker to see Fernando 'Ladyboy' Torres drop to his knees when he missed an open goal and try to claw a hole in the pitch to hide his shame.
When fully engorged, the ticks fall off their host into the surface layers of the woodland floor and undergo development to the next instar.
The second half brought more grisly scenes, such as Watch the Bedbugs Don't Bite, where "red berries" in a stuffed bear's stomach were engorged bedbugs and a Cabbies Tale featured lovely exchanges between a hacked off Hackney driver outside Lime Street station and a muttering fare - who was in fact a medium chatting to his spirit guide, Augustus.
Just because one has a 30-something inch waist doesn't mean one has thighs the size an engorged cow's udder.
Fact is blurred with fiction, because people are so television engorged they see almost everything as though it is, to all intents and purposes, 'documentary' in fashion.
Detectives found the engorged leech at the crime scene and extracted blood that they believed was likely from one of the two suspects.
IF Sir Fred Goodwin thinks handing back a few million from his scandalously engorged pension pot will redeem his reputation, he is sadly mistaken.
innocence: with knees permanently engorged, dirty and infected, in an
Foie gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese until they fall ill with hepatic steatosis, which causes the liver to become painfully engorged.