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Synonyms for engorged

Synonyms for engorged

overfull as with blood


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Data from survival index evaluation, egg laying capacity and percentage of engorged females mortality were subjected to one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) and complemented by the Bonferroni's multiple comparison test, at p < 0.
For the virus acquisition feeding, each mouse was inoculated intraperitoneally with DH82 cells containing 106 plaque forming units of SFTSV, and ticks were fed on the SFTSV-infected mice for 3-8 days until engorged.
Hence 100% efficacy of Indispron D-110 was observed against adult engorged females of R.
From each cage blood engorged Anophline mosquitoes were sorted out and identified to species level.
And if that's not enough, Danzig-Misfits-Samhain tribute band featuring members of local metal favorites Black Pyramid, Engorged, Blood of the Gods and Blood Stone Sacrifice is also on the bill, so you've got a guarantee of some great musicians playing good music.
Smith had also noticed that some cows would become tense and kick the pulsator claw, making it even more challenging to get attached, particularly for engorged cows.
15 ( ANI ): US scientists have revealed that they have discovered an extremely rare 46-million-year-old mosquito fossil with traces of dried blood in its engorged abdomen in a Montana riverbed.
came weighed and wrapped, shelter engorged, surplus.
The thousands of people who got buried under landslides, got swept away by raging rivers, displaced by engorged flood plains, stranded by landslides and stripped of homes, belongings and family would not have been mere statistics as they are now.
As she comforted and calmed the big dog, she ran her hands all over Indi's body, feeling for an engorged tick.
Tonight's gig is the final date in a two-month tour, so they should have turned into an engorged monster by this time.
Each of these growths has the size and appearance of a nipple or engorged tick and neither dog appears bothered by them.
In situations of stress, constipation, obesity, pregnancy, or if they are common in your family, these piles may become swollen and engorged with a lot of blood.
Some examples include placing ice cubes infused with mamaku on engorged breasts, using moka to tie the umbilical cord and romiromi (massage).