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a room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located


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After the men were above the engine room, they positioned P-250 water pumps into the tube openings that led into the engine room, thereby completely smothering the fire with seawater and foam.
The steward added: "Pick up some sandwiches from the galley before you go down to the engine room at midnight.
Simple to install, multiple sensors can be fit in an engine room, depending on desired sensitivity.
In the automatic mode, the unit senses engine room temperature.
The 2005 Mustang even has enough engine room to fit the Modular V10, should it see production.
THE five-man crew of a fishing boat are believed to have escaped unhurt when a fire broke out in the engine room of their vessel.
You might be led to areas such as Shaft Alley in the engine room, near the ship's stern, where many ghosts reportedly have been seen.
The blaze started in the engine room of the Kaliope, a vessel registered to the Bahamas, as it sailed 30 miles north-east of Dover.
The engines on the Norsea, which was carrying 611 passengers, were re- started around 9am after drifting in the North Sea following a fire in the engine room.
The engine room ship fire took place aboard the MV Cape Horn, a rollon/roll-off vessel operated by the Navy's Military Sealift Command.
The excellent design of the ship kept the ammunition safely separated from the engine room -- a 40-foot firewall separated the holds containing the ammunition from the engine room, said Military Sealift Command officials.
10pm last night that vessel also suffered an engine room fire.
ELEVEN marines were hurt and the future of a Royal Navy ship is in doubt after fire broke out in the engine room.
Eventually, crew members managed to control the fire, though it ended up gutting the main engine room.