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the operator of a railway locomotive

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from 2012 [2] presents how the physical workload of engine drivers in the static seating working position expressed through the amounts of lumbar moment [M.
TWO passengers trains have collided in north-western Turkey, injuring one of the engine drivers and some passengers.
At the end of the garden was a railway line and I took great delight in climbing on to the fence and waving to the engine drivers.
I come from a railway family with my grandfather and great grandfather engine drivers.
It was the Edwardian version of the jet age and very romantic," said Mike, whose grandfather and great grandfather were engine drivers.
Despite the agency's recommendation, Los Angeles Fire Department officials defended their policy, which allows firefighters to ride on tailboards - strapped in with a safety harness - to help engine drivers reverse their vehicles.
Engine drivers could also work on until 70 if they dropped out of the can and became guards.
MIDLAND fire engine drivers were last night told to ease off the accelerator as a controversial new brigade policy came into force.
100 Years Ago At Warwick yesterday Walter Neale and Charles White, engine drivers, were charged with stealing 15lb of meat, the property of Messers Brown and Co, of Manchester, the meat contractors for the militia camp at Warwick.
Second, the work load of engine drivers increased but their prestige declined, because more drivers were recruited from the ranks of blue-collar workers.
GSM-R is a communication system for traffic control, serving amongst others engine drivers as well as personnel working on railroad works both along the rail network and in railway stations.
It says the passengers were treated for slight injuries but two engine drivers were hospitalized.
Summary: JEDDAH: More than 27,000 Egyptian seasonal workers, including 1,000 train engine drivers, have been recruited to serve the pilgrims during the present Haj season, according to a source at the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower and Immigration.
Now they are the ruling party we have not seen them, so come on: you are now the engine drivers not the oily rags let's see at least one at the meeting You have area forums and don't Y send out the minutes to some people who've signed the register.