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the operator of a railway locomotive

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There was an attempt to pin the blame on the engine driver but it was disclosed that he had a disfigured hand, suffered from a previous mine accident, and he was cleared.
Bert served in the war as a fire engine driver and was lucky to escape with his life after being blown into the Liverpool docks by an explosion during the Blitz.
The seriously injured engine driver and assistant driver are being treated at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences in Ranchi.
Gul, who traveled to Eskisehir to attend ceremonies to mark Yunus Emre Culture and Art week, sat at the seat of engine driver of the High Speed Train and operated the train.
The company developed a tiered print engine driver with a real-time layer that runs on the Quatro processor's flexRISC cores and a thin interface layer that runs in the Linux kernel, improving real-time accuracy and keeping OEMs' proprietary code separated from the open source Linux kernel.
Protocol of this communication unfortunately was not obtained, therefore also the engine driver had to be replaced.
The engine driver put on the brakes suddenly because he only realized that there was a coal train coming from the opposite direction after the distance was very close,'' said Mawardi, who like many Indonesians goes by only one name.
For a typical 9,000 kW compressor drive installation, owners with a Wartsila 34SG gas engine driver can expect to lower their lifecycle costs by around 20-40% compared with other prime movers on the market.
JP020607Rail-3 Tank engine driver Tony Stockwell waits for a return trip at Toddington Station.
A STEAM engine driver averted tragedy when he saw a crashed car on the line near Corfe Castle, Dorset, and braked before his train carrying holidaymakers hit it.
A similar incident occurred in 1992 when a train carrying cattle started to move toward Bareilly, another town in Uttar Pradesh, after someone pressed the start lever while the engine driver was away.
His father, Kenny, a fire engine driver, had rushed into the flames without breathing apparatus to try to save Kieran and his baby sister Caitlin.
The BCFG traces its origins to a Welsh engine driver, Gwilym Davies, who decided in the early Eighties that he wanted to shake the hands of his former enemies.
Senior General Manager of Pakistan Railways, Javed Anwar said the engine driver and fireman were also rescued by the divers of Pakistan Army.
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