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a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine

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Even so, some amount of downtime will occur anyway, particularly where line boring bar supports are concerned, in a typical parts-punishing, high-production application such as engine block boring, trips to the tool room for repair and replacement are unavoidable and may be required several times per month.
The car using the Valiant engine block placed third in the 2000 Daytona 500--an impressive inaugural effort.
Magnesium alloy engine blocks will be featherweights compared with the cast iron that ruled for most of the 20th century and which is still used for the majority of internal combustion engines.
To get started WM picked up 206 engine blocks from HEC and took them to Wisconsin for machining.
Remanufacturing engines using the PTWA process requires 50 percent to 80 percent less energy to produce compared with a new manufactured engine block - demonstrating another step toward Ford's commitment to reducing its manufacturing CO2 footprint.
While the process parameter changes that CGI requires may seem rather off-putting, consider this: Woodruff says that by using CGI for an engine block the mass can be reduced by 22%.
Developed by Valenite MODCO, the Kam-Set features automatic sizing of its tool units that allows machines to bore a semifinish diameter in one pass, chamfer the top of cylinder with auxiliary inserts, and then automatically adjust to finish bore the cylinder walls using the same tool as the unit is retracted from the engine block.
The impact was so great that the engine block was thrown out, and shrapnel from the truck was scattered along a 1,000-foot stretch near Buena Vista Street and San Fernando Road.
needed to find a way to make a lighter engine block.
Some early model FMTVs developed cracking on the rear section of the engine block.
The ergonomic advantages of this machine system have been demonstrated by the production of a sheet metal engine block gasket with a molded-on circumferential elastomer seal in EPDM.
Laughlin purchases stock Ford 358 cu in engines and then performs a process called blueprinting to assure that the actual dimensions of the engine block match those specified on the print.
Richard Feldman, the Managing Director who led the transaction at RJ Easton, said, "The transaction was a logical step after the company's January 2005 announcement that Thresher had successfully cast an automotive aftermarket 'Hemi' engine block using Talon materials.
Between 2003 and 2007, Tupy underwent financial restructuring, implementing a new management model and focusing on becoming what it called "a global player" in the engine block and head market.
The result is a compressed air tank attached to the engine block that stores the air for use during various operating modes.