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a metal casting containing the cylinders and cooling ducts of an engine

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The terms open deck and closed deck refer to the absence or presence of material bridging the top of the cylinder walls to the peripheral body of the engine block.
The lower arrow points to the oil pan which is more vulnerable to road object impact than the engine block as indicated by the upper arrow.
He heated the horseshoes with a torch and then beat them to the engine block around the circumference of each pipe.
On completion of the investment the machined and sub-assembled engine blocks for the Wartsila engine families would be delivered as ready-to-install modules direct to the main assembly lines at Wartsila's Vaasa and Trieste factories.
This design is meant to provide additional rigidity for both the lower part of the engine block, bulkheads and side walls, as well as the overall component.
The car using the Valiant engine block placed third in the 2000 Daytona 500--an impressive inaugural effort.
The engine block is a cast iron alloy and the connecting rods are constructed of one-piece, press-forged steel alloy Also a steel alloy the crankshaft's bearing surfaces are hardened and polished.
The heaviest part of a car is its engine and the engine block makes up to 20-25% of the total engine weight.
The engine block features passages through which coolant flows.
To illustrate the point, consider an engine block that is used in two distinct applications, Szuba said.
Dubbed the "V-24," the Engine Block is being offered nationwide through May.
Indeed, every engine block or soda can hardening from molten alloy forms such dendritic sheets along the edge where the liquid turns solid.
Ted says he likes to think of the new engine as a "forever engine" because the engine block should never wear out.
Supply item name quantity spz marder 1 chassis 2815123545665 engine block, The 14th generation spz marder 1 chassis 2815123293489 engine block, The 26th generation estimation requirement 40.
In engine technology, sand cores can be used in low-pressure diecasting to implement what is known as a closed-deck design for an engine block--this means the openings on the cylinder head surface of the engine block, previously needed in high-pressure diecasting for demolding the cooling jacket contours, are not needed.