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The habits of traffic engendered at the cataracts of the Columbia, have had their influence along the coast.
It is my diseased self-contemplation that has engendered and nourished him.
This engendered the idea that he might be equally hungry.
However, into the taxi and away through the maze of San Francisco's streets, Michael lay alertly on the floor near Del Mar's feet, making no overtures of friendliness, by the same token making no demonstration of the repulsion of the man's personality engendered in him.
Bradley was a brave man, yet so keen was the feeling of revulsion engendered by the sight and sound of that grim, uncanny shape that he distinctly felt the gooseflesh rise over the surface of his body, and it was with difficulty that he refrained from following an instinctive urge to fire upon the nocturnal intruder.
The thought was horrible, not solely because of the hideous fate to which I was condemned, but from the contemplation it engendered of the sad decadence of a once enlightened race.
The sight of this bevy of pleasure-seekers, all apparently with multitudes of friends, might have engendered a sense of loneliness in a man of different disposition.
As it grew darker, these stories became more direful and mysterious; and often, when some frightened passenger ran past with tidings that the rioters were not far off, and were coming up, the doors were shut and barred, lower windows made secure, and as much consternation engendered, as if the city were invaded by a foreign army.
Why, sir,' returned Dick, 'between Miss Sophia Wackles and the humble individual who has now the honor to address you, warm and tender sentiments have been engendered, sentiments of the most honourable and inspiring kind.
The healthy competition among local companies engendered by the awards will be to the benefit of consumers and, eventually, the local economy," he said.
It is envisaged that the harmonised and engendered training manual would replace gender-blindness with gender awareness and gender responsiveness for transformation of gender relations in school management within the vision of the Somaliland/Puntland/Galmudug gender mainstreaming strategy for gender equality in education.
Quammen describes with great clarity some of the controversy engendered by Darwin's book.
Focusing primarily on black-white relationships--because, Lubin argues, the bulk of the sources relate to black-white relationships and because relationships between blacks and whites engendered far more controversy than other kinds of interracial pairings--Lubin asserts that World War II created new conditions which gave rise to a form of politics centered on black intimacy with whites.
Though the fleet was overwhelmed, the delay it engendered proved vital in enabling the first American triumph in the subsequent Battle of Saratoga, which in turn convinced France to ally with America and shifted the tide of war.
The all-male environment engendered a brute thuggishness that was a cheap way to command the attention of young boys.