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Synonyms for surround

Synonyms for surround

Synonyms for surround

envelop completely


Related Words

surround so as to force to give up

surround with a wall in order to fortify

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This particular myth of origin, configured as a developmental explanation, already operates within the very enframement that has cleared entities such as the bone to show up as explicable in just this way.
The dimensions of a movie screen, the framing of a shot, and the motion or raise en scene it contains within that shot, all combine to make the screen a sort of monolith that can rehearse not just our myth of origin but the way all perception requires a prior enframement that permits a particular unconcealment, which registers a propriative event, which demarcates a point "before" that can be traced backwards and an "after" that can be traced forwards.
The tomb's architectural enframement, 1548 to 1558, is by Philibert de l'Orme (1505-70); the priants, transis, and reliefs are primarily by Pierre Bontemps (c.
All have smooth-faced enframements which provide contrast with the rusticated wall surfaces.
In fact, the complete absence of traditional architectural devices--moldings, door enframements, floor patternings, and so on--render the space too undifferentiated and confusing.