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one whose job it is to execute unpleasant tasks for a superior

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Lockdown Enforcer is the only available standards-based NAC solution supporting all devices on the network regardless of access method, without requiring massive network upgrades, impacting network performance or scalability, and without creating clusters of vulnerable devices.
By integrating the Identity Enforcer module with Microsoft Lync, we continue our commitment to creating innovative and feature-rich solutions that mitigate risk, improve operational efficiency and relieve pressure on IT staff.
Our women enforcers checking yellow lane violators in Edsa were the first to be trained because they are more vulnerable to abuse and harassment compared to their male counterparts,' Pialago said, adding that those deployed in other 'critical areas' like Commonwealth Avenue will be next.
Jojo Garcia, MMDA general manager, said they received an initial 200 batons that will be distributed to traffic enforcers.
Another consideration is that player roles can change over time in that an erstwhile enforcer may become more valued for their scoring ability, move up from the third or fourth line to the first or second line, and become less likely to engage in fights.
The Xylo is available in one version and is to be priced from PHP850,000, while the Enforcer SUV in four variants is priced from PHP650,000.
In order to overcome this bias monotonicity obstacle, Hefetz, Krivelevich, Stojakovic and Szabo proposed in [6] a bias monotone version for Avoider-Enforcer games: they suggested that Avoider and Enforcer will claim at least a and b board elements per move, respectively.
Hence, after Avoider's (i + 2) nd move, either there exists a vertex of A-degree at least k, or there exists a vertex v [member of] I with A-degree k - 1, while there are still more than b free edges on the board, in which case Enforcer plays the end move.
Semantically-aware data leak prevention technology provider nexTier Networks announced on Tuesday an upgrade to the features and benefits of its Compliance Enforcer 3.
That's what this season is about - trying to find that fine line between being the enforcer and getting that finesse game," Gordon said after the post-game press conference Tuesday.
But West Midlands Police has now told seasoned officers: "To prevent injury, the Enforcer must only be used by officers who have received suitable training and are wearing the right level of personal protective equipment (PPE).
A TOURIST attraction is inviting visitors to torture a dummy of a traffic enforcer.
AFTER a string of exceptional efforts in top class company trainer William Muir hopes Enforcer can finally get his head in front in the Princess of Wales's wbx.
Access Enforcer automates the user request and approval process for system access, while incorporating a real-time assessment of risk and the ability to alter or reject the request to prevent controls violations.