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Synonyms for enfolding

the action of enfolding something


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The Enfolding will be known to many as it originally stood in Smithford Way.
Many authors have speculated on the functional significance of the myodural bridge, generally attributing a mechanical advantage to it in stabilizing the spinal cord from dural enfolding.
In Cumbria, an under-employed chef has served the world's dearest dessert, a vulgar concoction of chocolate pudding, gold leaf and champagne caviar enfolding a diamond.
Among the topics are enfolding citizenship and Mussolini's demographic politics, the home country as dead lover in Myrna Kostash's The Doomed Bridegroom, narration through photography in Hawai'i, and Black Canadians and the question of diasporic citizenship.
What this enfolding does provide, according to Wink, is "the peace that passes understanding when they are hauled before courts or tortured or killed" as a result of their obedience to Jesus' life and mission.
and twenty years of black-- Bandanna, shawl, and dress enfolding all But
5 cm, erect and enfolding the scape, distinctly exceeding the internodes, yellowish-green densely purple-spotted, apex apiculate.
Deleuze's ideas concerning enfolding are then introduced.
If the theology of the event offers a relational alternative to substance metaphysics, isn't it by way of the mutual immanence of events--their enfolding and unfolding one another?
Piano exceeds expectations with a swelling glazed protuberance, five storeys high, that slinks around a more conventional orthogonal block, enfolding it in a sinuous, shimmering embrace.
By enfolding the video apparatus into the narrative framework of each piece, Dodge and Kahn use "the motivated camera" to draw attention to means while paradoxically immersing the viewer in the "authenticity" of Lois's fictional demesne.
I fully embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and I hope to further vitalize the NIEHS by enfolding new and exciting areas of growth and development into this field.