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Synonyms for enfold

Synonyms for enfold

to cover completely and closely, as with clothing or bandages

to surround and cover completely so as to obscure

to put one's arms around affectionately

Synonyms for enfold

enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

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For it is in the folds that enfold events that are taken up in the vinculum of the political that Schmitt's friend-enemy and being in a FPS can be understood.
Journyx is happy to be working with Enfold Systems, a company that shares our enthusiasm for the open source movement.
P enfold was also cleared of Newgate's claims of ``fraudulent breach of duty''.
SENSES FAIL: ``Let It Enfold You'' (Drive-Thru/Vagrant) - Two and one half stars
She adds that Splotch mice with mutations in both copies of the Pax-3 gene have severe neurological defects -- such as a tiny or partially formed brain or spina bifida, in which the vertebrae faill to enfold and protect the spinal cord.
Enfold Systems LLC, the premier provider of Windows(R) integrated open source content management solutions, enables organizations to reuse existing infrastructure and manage information using open source software.
Her narration, coupled with the prose, take listeners completely into the world of the cats and enfold them into the cats' reality.
Veteran dancers Stuart Hodes and Alice Teirstein seemed a long-married couple in a duet from Zvi Gotheiner's Enfold.
Peter's, seemed at once to enfold us and shrink us to size.
Beyond the seventh was so wide disclosed That Iris, to enfold it, were too small, Her rainbow a full circle being supposed.
HOUSTON -- Enfold Systems LLC, the world's premier Plone(R) Content Management System (CMS) provider, launched a website for Oxfam America powered by Plone(R).
I know one thing is certain To put a smile on your face Is to hold a loved one real close In a tight loving embrace And if you do it quite often It becomes like a drug It really is amazing The power of a hug Whether in sad times, or glad times When arms warmly enfold you The feeling is so special As the energy flows through you Also in times of forgiveness Please swallow your pride Just hold out your arms And you will feel good inside There's no other feeling quite like it So don't be a mug Hold out your arms Go on, give someone a big hug
BTN's approach, however, aims to enfold the latest technical gadgetry into recording the play or musical in high-definition TV, with surround sound and robotic cameras strung among the audience.
In Madonnas of Mercy, however, it's her mantle, not her veil, that is extended to enfold the faithful; here Christ lifts her veil, which covers his head too, in order to behold St.