enfilade fire

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gunfire directed along the length rather than the breadth of a formation


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The low hill on the left flank of the advancing troops now raked the open ground with enfilade fire from the machine-guns sited on the hill.
One of the most common situations that results in casualties at the JRTC village is that of a soldier hit by enfilade fire from a building adjacent to the one he is assaulting that is not covered by friendly fire.
Again, Dunsterville decided to leave, and in the mid-afternoon sent a note to the government that his troops were retreating to the harbour and preparing to embark because the cowardice of the Armenians left his troops exposed to enfilade fire and capture.
Coltman, a stretcher bearer, hearing that wounded had been left behind during a retirement, went forward alone in the face of fierce enfilade fire, found the casualties, dressed them and on three successive occasions, carried comrades on his back to safety, thus saving their lives.
During an attack, a very heavy enfilade fire was opened on the attacking company by a hostile machine gun.