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Synonyms for enfilade

gunfire directed along the length rather than the breadth of a formation

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rake or be in a position to rake with gunfire in a lengthwise direction

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El movimiento del descenso y despues la construccion en enfilade, tecnicas probadas en las peliculas de terror, se utilizan aqui para crear suspense y envolver la historia definitivamente en lo siniestro, que ya flota en todas las paginas precedentes de la novela bajo la forma de los fantasmas del protagonista.
This is not strictly true, because if a single column of enemy troops, as in a patrol, were advancing with their long axis perpendicular (or normal) to the front line, then enfilade engagement in this example would mean firing with the machine gun pointed at the first man in the single file, and thus it would also be frontal fire, and yet the long axis of the beaten zone would coincide with the long axis of the column of troops.
The French Empire enfilade on the side features a pair of rock crystal lamps and a French architectural panel from Crown and Colony Antiques of Fairhope, Alabama.
One couple planned to showcase their art collection in an enfilade around the center processional.
The weapons were sighted in a manner to be able bring down enfilade and grazing fire in the valley.
Sometimes he can get tangled up in his upper-class vowels and mis-speak in a way which allows his enemies to open up the kind of enfilade fire which saw him thrown off the Tory frontbench where he sat as a "National Security" adviser - a position he held even under the last Labour government.
The inspirational animals who keep him going are beginning to spin towards us up the long sandy enfilade which, for some long forgotten reason, is called La Piste de Perth.
As the Americans began to rise, other tanks turned left onto the Ligneuville road, where their machine guns could enfilade the ditch.
The gallery is contained in an enfilade of spaces around a central lightwell, while the cells of student accommodation on the two upper floors have a monastic air with timber floors and white walls.
I remember the old county jail on Summer Street, where Sheriff Bill Bennett once showed me how, from his upstairs apartment, he was prepared, with his World War I rifle, to enfilade any prisoner insurrection in the courtyard below.
A su vez, este grupo puede dividirse en dos subgrupos, uno de ellos formado por casas de pabellones, donde los compartimentos estan dispuestos de manera secuencial y la circulacion se da a traves de los mismos, a veces en enfilade (21).
The Germans had massive batteries there which could enfilade both beaches.
Compose d'une enfilade de vingt-trois entretiens--coupee en son centre par de tres breves reflexions prises chez Yves Desgagnes, Josette Trepanier et Francois Archambault--la suite de l'ouvrage prend la forme d'une impressionnante constellation de postures ethiques et critiques.
The low hill on the left flank of the advancing troops now raked the open ground with enfilade fire from the machine-guns sited on the hill.