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put in possession of land in exchange for a pledge of service, in feudal society

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According to a report drawn up by the latter two, Taube and Kruse announced that Ivan the Terrible was not going to tolerate the presence of Swedes and Poles in Livonia, and to avoid the ensuing bloodshed the Tsar was proposing the enfeoffment of the Tartu Bishopric to Magnus, the Danish Crown designated as the beneficiary after Magnus' death; the Duke would also be granted possession of other territories conquered by Russians, over which the Tsar would retain his hereditary rights and the prerogative to offer protection.
8) If the estate of a ward comprised lands held of several lords, as was often the case, these rights would be divided according to lordship, though control of the body of the heir and any connected marriage rights would be given to the lord holding the oldest enfeoffment -- a policy known as "priority of enfeoffment.