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under the feudal system, the deed by which a person was given land in exchange for a pledge of service

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Additionally they asked permission for Friedrich Gross to retain his position in Magnus' service, asked for supplies of bacon, butter, gunpowder, and also soldiers to be sent to Kuressaare, and a confirmation of their personal enfeoffments.
The Zhou developed a feudal network through enfeoffment, and the Zhou king sent out his family members and meritorious officials to establish a series of vassal states in North China.
8) If the estate of a ward comprised lands held of several lords, as was often the case, these rights would be divided according to lordship, though control of the body of the heir and any connected marriage rights would be given to the lord holding the oldest enfeoffment -- a policy known as "priority of enfeoffment.
Even at the highest levels of society, enfeoffment involved the delivery of a clump of earth and perhaps a twig, symbolizing the land in miniature.
Duke Zhuang refuses this enfeoffment, but overrides an advisor's admonition to give Duan an alternate city because "Lady Jiang [his mother] desires it" [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].