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put in possession of land in exchange for a pledge of service, in feudal society

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The above mentioned Chiefs Iramoo being possessed of the tract of Land hereinafter mentioned for and in consideration of Twenty Pair of Blankets, Thirty / Tomahawks, One Hundred Knives [two illegible words] Scissors, Thirty Looking Glasses, Two Hundred Handkerchiefs, and one Hundred Pounds of Flour, and Six Shirts / delivered to Us by John Batman residing in Van Diemens Land Esquire but at present sojourning with us and our Tribe Do for ourselves our / Heirs and Successors Give Grant Enfeoff and confirm unto the said John Batman his heirs and assigns All that tract of Country situate and being at Port Phillip, Runing / from the branch of the River at the top of the Port about 7 Miles from the mouth of the River, Forty Miles North East and from thence-West.
they criticize Leo Buss for thinking that sequestering the germ line helps enfeoff a metazoan's somatic cells to the good of their organism: I find this contradiction as incomprehensible as it is uncharacteristic).
Though Figura does not enfeoff Eve with Paradise, it is clear that she has a right to remain there so long as she upholds her part of the contract, so long as she renders God the "servise" due Him both in loyalty and in obedience to the "droiz de mariage.
In an effort to trump the Catholics at their own game, Jewel even implicitly ascribed priestly powers to Elizabeth: "Jewel's purpose was to strip the papal claims to sovereignty from the pope, and having done this, to enfeoff them to Elizabeth" (108).
It is recorded in the MSL that on the thirteenth day of the seventh month in the eighteenth year of the Cheng-hua reign (equivalent to 28 July 1482), the Chinese court sent Lin Xiao ([CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) a supervising secretary in the Office of Scrutiny for Justice, as chief envoy, together with the Messenger Yao Long ([CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) as deputy envoy, to Siam in order to enfeoff "Guo-long Bo-la Lue-kun Si-li You-di" (Krung Phra NakhOn Si [Sri]) Ayudhya) as the king of the country.