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  • noun

Synonyms for enfeeblement

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for enfeeblement

serious weakening and loss of energy

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When Time magazine, reflecting on the changes during Elizabeth's reign, noted that: "It has witnessed enfeeblement and decline.
The enfeeblement of my physical powers was such that the doctors, despairing of saving me, said, "The mischief is in the heart, and has communicated itself to the whole organism; there is no hope unless the cause of his grievous sadness be arrested.
Primary signs of salinity are delaying in germination, plantlet appearance and bud enfeeblement.
When auto (Bartleby, singularity, the Other) and presentation (signifiers, Lawyers friendly expectations) get too close together, B-effect releases a violent burst of energy, so that the effect becomes visible through symptoms of irradiation poisoning: "it is the wound of sickness, the enfeeblement of life, a diminishment of 'I', that discloses our relatedness with being" (Slawek 2009: 129).
Whereas Buckley lamented his creed's gathering enfeeblement with every fiber of his alleged soul, in Lake Views: This World and the Universe (Belknap Harvard, 2009), Nobel Prize winning physicist Steven Weinberg celebrates the decay of Abrahamic faith with both personal relish and professional pride.
Additionally, there is the risk that the current enfeeblement of Egyptian party politics might result in a parliament crippled by being composed of numerous small parties all lacking a mandate to govern by themselves.
No, not for my own rapidly approaching enfeeblement.
The trajectory towards death is gradual and unrelenting, with steady decline, enfeeblement and growing dependency, often lasting a decade or longer - 40 percent of all projected deaths.
The term is synonymous with deficiency, deficit, inadequacy, insufficience, insufficiency, debilitation, and enfeeblement (Kay et al.
As an old man's painting, The Drunkeness of Noah is as elegaic as Titian's late Pieta in the Accademia, Venice: an extraordinary painterly meditation on the frailty of the human condition and the enfeeblement of old age.
But the West's enfeeblement has deeper sources, in the same sort of squeamishness that paralyzed European diplomacy in the years prior to World War-I and World War-II.
Without diversification into other energy sources, Japan risks facing major energy shortages that could cause political enfeeblement.
Ridder, who was widely criticized for cutbacks at Knight Ridder during his tenure, thinks the Bay Area's papers are rapidly approaching enfeeblement.
an] extended trope turning on enfeeblement and deterioration--the
The dream is primarily an auto-ameliorative response to the organismic stress and enfeeblement caused by his sickness.