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The very necessity of crossing the river dismayed some of them in their present enfeebled and dejected state.
Stability remains contingent on spending restraint as revenue remains rigid due to continued curtailment of national allocations and an enfeebled economy.
Far from being a crusader on the world stage as arch-Brexiteers keep reminding us, we will be rendered enfeebled.
The PML-N leadership has enfeebled, downgraded, and deactivated a parliament which had under the previous government passed landmark constitutional amendments.
With more and more diehards backing a catastrophic No Deal departure from the EU, enfeebled Theresa May is totally unable to decide what she wants.
Implicit in the term "spry" is amazement that someone so old is not visibly enfeebled.
Medical students volunteered to tend to the marchers blistered feet and fragile bodies, which had been enfeebled by a diet on the borderline of malnutrition.
An enfeebled woman who lived in the house where the fire started was feared to have died after flames engulfed her neighborhood on Narcisa Rizal Street.
Structured in three sections -- "States of Mind: Indicators of Intellectual and Cognitive Decline"; "Personal and Cognitive Habits/Interests"; and "National Consequences" -- the essays identify the factors to blame and provide a searing portrait of an enfeebled American population.
Owen Lucas This kind of thing has been going on for decades and the authorities have always known about it but are too enfeebled and terrified of being branded racist to do anything to stop it - political correctness has A LOT to answer for.
The Houthis seized Sanaa in September, began dictating terms to an enfeebled Hadi, and advanced into central and western regions of Yemen where Sunni Muslims predominate.
This tide of successes did not endure - as both the king and his eldest son became enfeebled by debilitating illnesses, the French began, disobligingly, to claw back the Plantagenet gains.
This latest attack was carried out in disregard of the political realities in Pakistan as the enfeebled government seeks to make its peace with the Pakistani Taliban.
During his time at Everton, you got the feeling Moyes hated the idea of a grand old institution becoming enfeebled, easy prey for the rich.
Evans had problems on the plateau and there are frequent references to his enfeebled condition on the Beardmore Glacier.