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  • verb

Synonyms for enfeeble

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for enfeeble

make weak

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For their part, the FLN and the Hamrouche government used all sorts of subterfuges, including judicial but unabashedly undemocratic means, to enfeeble, even marginalize their only credible contender, the FIS.
To emasculate them in this way is not so much to dumb down Parliament as to enfeeble it.
That will essentially enfeeble this country and lock it into permanent austerity for 10 or 20 or more years.
Numerous attempts have been made in the past to reform, dismember, enfeeble and abolish the Upper Chamber.
This time, though, President Clinton is reeling from revelations that could enfeeble him politically and even drive him from office in disgrace - a shocking prospect for a man who has been running for elected offices since high school.
The continued indecision has led to "weeks of market-churning debate," which diverts financial expertise from productive employment, enfeebles productive risk-taking and pulls capital into financing frivolous bets about the Fed's actions and intentions.