enfant terrible

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a person whose unconventional behavior embarrasses others

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From the acclaimed, award winning creators of The Terrible Infants, Alice's Adventures Underground and The Trench, Les Enfants Terribles go on tour with their most silliest, fun and entertaining family shows to date, which is suitable for big kids and small grown-ups.
Before, eating halal in Paris, you were pretty much limited to pizzerias or kebab shops," said Kamel Saidi, 32, who opened Les Enfants Terribles two years ago with his brother.
SOME of the most established names in the world of British art, including its enfants terribles Jake and Dinos Chapman, are in Liverpool whittling down the shortlist of this year's John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize.
Five years later, she set up The Shop with Tracey Emin, selling art, and confirming herassociation with the leading enfants terribles of the 90s.
The exclusive new CD, L'ark Pour Les Enfants Terribles, features a collection of Hope of the States B-Side instrumental tracks: Sts'ikel; Static In The Cities; The Workmiser Harmonies, Angels Over Kilburn and A Heart Can Stop A Bullet.
Their father, a windy poet, and English mother take off for an extended vacation, and before you can say enfants terribles, the too-intimate siblings are reeling their semi-reluctant friend from the puritanical side of the pond into their erotic, theoretical and movie trivia mind games.
In the exhilerating Enfants Terribles, Susan Weiner, who teaches French at Yale, utilizes French theory--especially psychoanalytic and feminist--to analyze the historical phenomenon of the emergence of a new teenage girl in France after the Second World War.
Example: While their work is nowadays seen as pretty, comfortable, and thoroughly establishment, in their day the Impressionists were seen as the enfants terribles of the art world.
By contrast, the British Pavilion featured a familiar trio of ageing enfants terribles (Hadid, Coates and Alsop), plus odd-man-out David Chipperfield, whose beautifully refined models of his schemes for Salerno Palace of Justice and the Davenport Museum of Art in Iowa restored a sense of propriety among the kaleidoscopic flotsam and premeditated irreverence.