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Synonyms for enervation

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for enervation

lack of vitality

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serious weakening and loss of energy

surgical removal of a nerve

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This is a very different woman from the two previously discussed; Maria Luisa radiates authority and life, rather than pale enervation.
By Unconditional Surrender, I had decided that Rodska's was actually an ideal voice for Guy's story because it naturally conveys enervation, resignation, and gentle stupefaction.
Kjellman-Ghapin (2013: xi) also elaborated that "many early discussions of kitsch centered on its assumed parasitic relationship to and potential enervation of 'high' art.
Negative stress-coping strategies such as consuming stimulating beverages or alcohol (or both) coupled with the general enervation that frequently accompanies stress can have a huge (primarily negative) impact on the lives of students suffering from stress.
On physical examination she was found to have diminished right knee reflex with decreased sensation to pinprick in the pattern of the right femoral nerve enervation including the anterior right thigh and the medial right lower leg.
Chris's return exacerbates Kitty's traumatic symptoms, which include emotional inertia and the gradual enervation of her body, by erasing and denying the social component of her traumatic experience.
For the speaker this means that his mind is numbed, arrested, passively overtaken by the uncanny, oppressive, disintegrative power of what he perceives: "Nerve and feeling, the power to resolve and act, are submerged in a clarity of enervation," writes Bayley.
His critique dismisses the academic essayists, creatures of the emerging system, whose "lack of the critical faculty" was both product and cause of what he saw as a new norm of enervation in American literature which had developed with the rise of mass culture since the war ended in 1945: "too lumpy for the particular" (233).
a picture of lack lustre and lack of colour conveying the essential semanticity of hunger, starvation and enervation.
This kind of spectacle might work onstage, where numb enervation can sometimes be mistaken for exhilaration," (http://www.
If a president fails to reorder, enervation will both persist and deepen, challenging every following president--regardless of affiliation--to reorder politics until someone succeeds in doing so.
Even mild dehydration leads to poor judgment, enervation, headaches, small-motor muscle failures and worse.
The system is radio agnostic and can include 256-bit AES enervation.
178) add to the 'portrait' of a suicidal male subject having such traits as slowness and enervation of action, unreliability and negligence in the fulfilment of accepted obligations, a lack of ambition and aspiration to achieve socially significant goals, low confidence and lack of method.
While there remains some disagreement on the scope of this 'sacred geography' (see, for example, Wiessner and Tumu 1998:188-89, map 12), Wiessner and Tumu's point is that ethnic groups that participated in this regional ritual system also participated in Ain's Cult (Wiessner and Tumu 2001:310, 316), suggesting that the premise and project of Ain's Cult was the dindi gamu premise and project: the earth tended to decline and required a ritual rescue in moments of enervation.