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Two decades of puppet government are enervating, I admit, but they only pave the way more surely to the inevitable reaction.
Celebrated Lebanese soprano Magida El Roumi, who last mounted the Jounieh stage in 2011, will return to the venue on July 4 for what promises to be an enervating performance of universally loved tunes.
Director: Ira Sachs Duration: (94 mins) STRANGE, enervating, toxic, miraculous, unrequited, redemptive: love exerts an irresistible hold on the human heart.
It is an all-too-familiar, enervating terrain that Canadian Anglicans have found themselves trapped in for quite some time now.
It is a scale of disaster that calls for more than the enervating pace of diplomacy afoot at the moment.
7% likely to end in a draw today having been shunted heavily in that direction by an enervating combination of factors.
All of this leads Acampora to explore Nietzsche's attempt to overcome the enervating and debilitating effects of Christian morality by questioning the central tenets of its moral psychology: intention, responsibility, guilt, and so forth.
They were cross that the Prime Minister had actively aligned himself with the Christian ethos, claiming that his very modest contribution in the Church Times "needlessly fuels enervating sectarian debates.
It needlessly fuels enervating sectarian debates that are by and large absent from the lives of most British people, who do not want religions or religious identities to be actively prioritized by their elected government," the letter added.
he is terrifically good on the turf wars and enervating bureaucracy of espionage.
Masand added that renewed vigour in the leasing segment had precipitated a "positive growth in supply" enervating a number of
It's the kind of work that feels energizing rather than enervating.
The words 'future Chelsea manager' have the same enervating effect on English coaches as the sign of the black spot did on the crew of Captain Flint's pirate ship.
It also gave him a rare opportunity to escape from his increasingly enervating life with 'The Beatles', who were at the peak of their fame and besieged by screaming fans wherever they went.