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Synonyms for enervated

Synonyms for enervated

lacking strength or vigor

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Having seen it several times, I have been both elevated by its compassionate sense of justice and enervated by its real-to-life villain, Inspector Javert.
He said the world kept imposing its will on the enervated Pakistan, adding the path of unconstitutional adventures could have been stanched.
Though there's no sense of chronology, editing follows a subtle progression from hopeful to enervated, leaving viewers wondering how much longer these three can keep doing their work before cracking up.
Indeed, this study additionally reveals the extent to which expert evaluators reward presidents who succeed in taking advantage of the contextual opportunity to reorder an enervated political regime.
It would be illogical for any internal party to wager on a change to the course of history and try to resuscitate a regime that grows more enervated by the day," he said.
It enervated a gig in which the focal point until then had been the overworked stagehand who came on after every song to change Chapin Carpenter's guitar.
Monuc denies that its operation has enervated an already disastrous situation.
Spiritually enervated by the relentless and very public friction of competitive swimming, Savi Mason abandons Manhattan and seeks her spiritual essence by competing in a grueling 22-mile competitive swim off the coast of Catalina.
JOHN Warmingham's warning (Voice of the North, July 25) of the possibility of a revolution in the remnants of a Great Britain enervated by the relentless onslaught of European Union bureaucracy might have alarmed some readers, even engendered disbelief, but it is a possibility which must be faced.
For Theo, the emotionally, physically enervated employee of the Ministry of Energy played without a shred of actorly egotism by Clive Owen, the day begins with a cup of coffee, an ear-shattering explosion and a screaming woman holding her severed arm.
I submit, "The enervated soldiers abandoned their own, and the public defence; and the pusillanimous indolence may be considered as the immediate cause of the downfall of the empire.
At the end of it all, however, the reader is too enervated to support the claims made by Tarun J.
Perotto (rehabilitative medicine, Albert Einstein School of Medicine) and his contributors thoroughly cover the muscles of the hand, forearm, arm, shoulder joint, shoulder girdle, foot, leg, thigh, pelvis, hip joint, perineal region, paraspinal region, abdominal wall, and intercostal and diaphragm regions, along with the muscles enervated by cranial nerves.
What are the trade-offs of between the chaos of too little central control and the enervated compliance of too much?
Over the last 10 years, Masako has tried her utmost to adapt to her life as a royal, and it seems to me this has thoroughly enervated her.