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Synonyms for energy-releasing

(of a nuclear reaction) occurring with evolution or releasing of energy

of or relating to catabolism

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This exothermic, or energy-releasing, reaction releases energy in three forms: heat, light, and sound--key ingredients in any fireworks blowout.
Measurements of microwave and infrared radiation originating in the primordial universe show no trace of energy-releasing events that may have provided the "seeds" for galaxy formation, according to preliminary data from the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) spacecraft.
PACKED with calcium for strong bones, semi-skimmed milk is also a good source of protein and energy-releasing B vitamins while less than two per cent fat.
more mitochondria--the structures inside muscle (and other) cells where oxygen-dependent, energy-releasing reactions take place.
Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton in England claimed they had found a route to energy-releasing nuclear fusion reactions at room temperature by squeezing hydrogen nuclei together in electrolytic cells (SN: 4/1/89, p.
National Laboratory says it has ended negotiations with them for collaborative tests of the claims by Pons and British co-worker Martin Fleischmann of triggering energy-releasing, nuclear-fusion reactions at room temperature by immersing palladium rods in heavy water.
l Supradyn Recharge: a multivitamin with energy-releasing nutrients; pounds 5.
On March 23, two highly respected chemists parachuted onto the center stage of physics with their public announcement of a new bench-top method for harnessing the power of nuclear fusion, the energy-releasing process that makes stars shine and empowers thermonuclear weapons.
Dr Noel Mc Caffrey, a UCD sports physician, said the footballers he surveyed are using or have used creatine - an energy-releasing biochemical.