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(of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy

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hereinafter referred to as "purchase of energy-absorbing Collision Parts - 2015")
At a minimum, look for a whole-house suppressor with 400 volts (or less) clamping voltage; 5 nanoseconds (or less) clamping speed; and 1,000 joules (or more) energy-absorbing capability.
This fiber will provide for a new generation of high-strength fabrics and energy-absorbing materials, such as vehicle armor," suggests Ken Smith of Carbon Nanotechnologies, a Houston company that supplies Baughman with carbon nanotubes.
The cradle comprises a rugged steel framework, which supports a set of dual-layer impact bars, composed of a top layer of low-friction UHMW polyethylene and a lower layer of energy-absorbing SBR rubber.
Talbot referred to the energy-absorbing tire piles as ``spherical elastic attenuators.
Equipment on board included seven anthropomorphic dummies, a bulkhead airbag, three energy-absorbing seats, and four standard seats.
A deploying door trim system developed by Ford with energy-absorbing foam and technical expertise from Miles won a Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Division Award.
As an industry leader in developing energy-absorbing armor, ArmorWorks leveraged its know-how to develop energy-absorbing seats to protect soldiers from the destructive shock of a blast beneath a vehicle.
Crush bar in each door, energy-absorbing steering column, daytime running lights, dual-caliper disc brakes with ABS (all wheels), covered open-grate entry steps, forward swing doors for safer entry/exit, high visibility halogen headlamps, DOHC, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke cycle, water-cooled, turbocharged, intercooled diesel with 4 valves per cylinder.
The VEK Project, a program to stronger, lighter energy-absorbing vehicle components, has developed a stainless steel bumper system that claims to be 26% lighter than existing designs.
Consisting of structural steel tubes, the SABER Barrier's outer wall has about 36 cm of energy-absorbing foam in polystyrene blocks, placed at specific distances behind the steel skin.
It is recommended for use in knobs, levers, latches, industrial rollers, hinges, seals, and energy-absorbing components.
The main safety features include an energy-absorbing crumple zone above the front wheel, two seat belts, optional anti-lock brakes, aluminium safety cell, special seat and headrest and BMW Telelever front suspension as an additional energy absorbing component.
These insights may eventually serve to guide the design of improved packing materials, superior energy-absorbing bumpers for cars, and other products subject to buckling.
Nick took 3M's award in the high school category for his earthquake-related project that attempted to insulate a model building from a seismic jolt by surrounding the building with energy-absorbing material.
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