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(of a nuclear reaction) occurring with absorption of energy

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provides steering columns with energy-absorbing technology for the 2004 Ford F-150 -- Motor Trend Magazine's 2004 Truck of the Year.
The driver's buckle design used in the 1997 midsize SUVs incorporated an energy-absorbing loop where stitching separates and webbing extends under certain frontal collision conditions.
reported on its new horizontal, high-speed Sled Dynamic Impact Tester, which measures the impact properties of energy-absorbing (EA) materials for automobile safety.
For more information on energy-absorbing polyurethane foams, contact: Bayer Corporation, Polymers Marketing Communications Group, 100 Bayer Road, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Quixote Corporation is the world's leading developer and manufacturer of energy-absorbing highway crash cushions, electronic wireless sensing and measuring devices, weather forecasting stations, computerized highway advisory radio, intelligent intersection control systems, mobile and permanent electronic variable message signs, flexible post delineators and other transportation safety products and services.
Energy-absorbing foam products -- added to headliners, seat backs, headrests, armrests, door panels, pillars and other interior trim components -- could make passenger compartments safer.
A range of new energy-absorbing systems for interior applications including rigid, semirigid, and viscoelastic foams, is introduced in a paper from ICI Polyurethanes.
FrogPack's energy-absorbing design, combined with Cradlewrap(TM), a biodegradable air-cushioning wrapping material that can be used within the containers, provides remarkably secure protection for goods that require shipping.
Simula's core technologies include energy-absorbing seating systems, inflatable restraints, advanced polymer materials, lightweight transparent and opaque armor products, emergency bailout parachutes and military personnel protective equipment.
Exxon Chemical, developer and manufacturer of the energy-absorbing Taffen(R) material with which the back and cushion frame components are made, assisted in the material selection, design and prototypes of the Chrysler Integrated Child Seat.
The first buffer, and the Pioneered(R) II's strongest line of protection, is the powerful, energy-absorbing deflector base, strong enough to absorb most of the momentum from a crash upon initial contact.
Simula's core technologies include personnel protective equipment, energy-absorbing seating systems, advanced polymer materials, lightweight transparent and opaque armor products, and emergency bailout parachutes.
Simula's core technologies include lightweight armor and mine blast kits for military vehicles, personnel protective equipment including military body armor, energy-absorbing seating systems for aircraft, inflatable restraints for military helicopters, and advanced transparent polymer materials.
Simula's core technologies include inflatable restraints, energy-absorbing seating systems, advanced polymer materials, lightweight transparent and opaque armor products, personnel protective equipment and emergency bailout parachutes.
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