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Synonyms for energizing

Synonyms for energizing

the activity of causing to have energy and be active

supplying motive force

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Visit Eat Your Coffee's Kickstarter page to get the buzz on the energizing snack bar that is changing the way we beat the daily slump.
Morning Energy Face Wash Energizing Lemon - energizes tired looking skin
Sunday Mercury/Pharma Nord FREE 15ml Q10 Energizing Cream worth pounds 3.
In the second lot - Regular supply of energizing and refreshing drinks for hospital staff.
R] Energizing Citrus Body Lotion ($36) is a natural, light, sheer lotion which absorbs easily to help restore skin's natural moisture balance.
Try relaxing blue-lavender scented salts or energizing green-peppermint salts.
Take the streets of Universal Studios; add a pinch of Sportime USA; a scoop of frozen Central Park pond; stack it next to a graphically energizing Olympic Stadium rink which is overlooked by a fantasy carousel, a tot-sized helicopter ride and a round of virtual reality for all ages surrounding a centerpiece rocket to the highest point in the area; place it next door to an IMAX and a swarm of multiplexes; provide cheap family eats and a fitness center; plop in a hotel and small office tower; and then provide separate parking for its jumbo grocery store.
What particularly intrigued Sweeting was that although it was triboluminescent, there was no sign of what might be energizing its glow.
O'Meara has only 54 hours on average of recovery time between races, with few rest days, and attributes his speedy recovery to running with SmoothToe[R] Energizing Socks (www.
The fitness guru will help pump-up these first shoppers of the holiday season and lead them in energizing aerobics routines.
Jonas Ridderstrale, co-author of the international bestseller Funky Business and one of the world's most influential business gurus, provides a vibrant and energizing take on the world of today and tomorrow.
Energizing India[TM] to Provide Micro-Loans for Clean Technologies That Will Drive Sustainable, Clean Energy Solutions in India
Unlike most other sparkling apple juices or chemical-laden energy drinks, Organic Apple Rush(TM) offers a refreshing, healthy and energizing alternative.
Try Muse and Luxe, colors that are meditative and spa-like but energizing.
Polaris Geothermal"), (TSX VENTURE:GEO) an emerging renewable energy generator, announced today that a second critical stage of the commissioning process for the San Jacinto-Tizate Geothermal Power Project (SJT) in Nicaragua has been completed with the successful energizing of the switchyard and transmission line.