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He also recommended that energization of the Woodbourne-Heaton line be delayed until EMF standards are set, because a small group of persons living near the line testified that they feared adverse health effects and claimed they would move or limit the use of their land if the line were energized.
147): The written program must describe the prevention of employee injury as a result of the unexpected energization or start-up of machines and equipment or the release of stored energy.
At Jupiter, the energization is derived mainly from planetary rotation, while the particles originate primarily in the atmosphere of the planet and its moons (principally Io), with the solar wind playing an apparently minor role.
I came to Shaman early on when all of us felt the daily energization from the excitement of working in a start-up.
Tenders are invited for Ag Pump Energization For The Supply, Test, Transport, Construction, Erection, Testing And Commissioning Of HT Line On 9 Mtr.