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Synonyms for energetically

with intense energy and force

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he heard vigorously uttered by a round-shouldered, short, country gentleman, who had pomaded hair hanging on his embroidered collar, and new boots obviously put on for the occasion, with heels that tapped energetically as he spoke.
Serenity Calling ~ A Gallery for Enlightened Living ~ Announces that it has on display an Extremely Large, Rare, and Energetically Powerful Himalayan Healing Crystal Cluster Specimen with Golden Rutile, and Chlorite Inclusions
Even when its home has been flooded in winter, it comes through with ease, energetically blooming as though it had relished the extra soak.
Every single goal felt better than the previous one and I was celebrating quite energetically.
To counteract the debilitating progression of sarcopenia, a protein supplement should provide an energetically efficient anabolic stimulus.
If we passionately and energetically promote who we are, what we are about and what we have to offer, not only will people want to see Wales for themselves, but once they have visited our stunning coastline, our vibrant cities and our towns, they will want to come back.
Energetically bringing to life his hilarious family tales and wedding preparation woes, his re-enactments of bizarre situations were as funny as the stories he was telling.
The point-size and swirling positioning of the text interacts energetically with the watery, deep sea illustrations adding an extra dynamism to the story.
Over 20 songs from their 20-year-long career got an airing, and the band finished their set just as energetically as they started it.
In his days at NUPE and Unison he energetically represented hospital staff without having worked on a ward, and refuse collectors without having lifted a bin.
While his date obliviously continues to deposit the night's alcohol intake into the gutter, he's reaching round from behind and energetically fondling her breasts.
Superbly recorded and energetically performed, the individual pieces include: rock Hopper Penguin (2:13); Amazon ABCs (2:44); Amphibians (2:29); Clamshell Clap (3:18); Circle of Life (3:47); L'ecrevisse (1:59); I Want to Be a Frog Today (3:30); A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea (2:04); Moving Along (2:40); Stingray Shuffle (2:56); Camouflage (1:35); Most Fish Swim (2:39); Seahorses (2:51); I Went to the Aquarium (3:39); Tooth Fairy (2:48); and Turtles (3:00).
Key statement: The particulate filler fluid is fed under high pressure to the mixing zone to form a jet stream to entrain elastomer latex fluid energetically to completely coagulate the elastomer with filler prior to the discharge.
DESPERATE TIMES: Eva Longoria energetically scribbled notes on her acceptance speech in a ladies room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday night.
Made of folded steel plate and suspended on rods, this stair energetically shifts and transforms as it ascends, providing generous places to meet, linger and chat.
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