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with intense energy and force

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Even when its home has been flooded in winter, it comes through with ease, energetically blooming as though it had relished the extra soak.
Every single goal felt better than the previous one and I was celebrating quite energetically.
Crowds on Sunday filed past the three pillars, which now resemble curved walls, in a four-level sprawling concrete structure built to expedite the flow of pilgrims, energetically casting pebbles at the largest one.
To counteract the debilitating progression of sarcopenia, a protein supplement should provide an energetically efficient anabolic stimulus.
This idea was immediately accepted by some Macedonian personas and organizers who now energetically seek to close the name issue because no one has the right to negotiate about something so sacred.
Hope" encourages them to think positively and energetically about the future, and seek ways to create caring communities, even if the policies of the day are not aligned to that view.
Fortunately, it didn't put Kills star Jamie off playing a belting set later - not even seeing Kate, hair flailing as she moshed energetically to his music, managed nKate to do that.
No matter how hard and energetically they tried, their new material made for laboured listening.
In this third book in the We Thought of It series (projects on Inuit and Native American culture launched this series) Ye energetically details Chinese contributions in the realms of farming health navigation weaponry bridge building metal work and more.
It is possible to energetically create big things--it's up to individuals to plan directions and goals and focus on their successful achievement.
Kapranos was in fine voice, leaping around the stage energetically.
Shape and line are energetically used to reflect the text; computer-based art at its best.
Energetically bringing to life his hilarious family tales and wedding preparation woes, his re-enactments of bizarre situations were as funny as the stories he was telling.
If we passionately and energetically promote who we are, what we are about and what we have to offer, not only will people want to see Wales for themselves, but once they have visited our stunning coastline, our vibrant cities and our towns, they will want to come back.
In his days at NUPE and Unison he energetically represented hospital staff without having worked on a ward, and refuse collectors without having lifted a bin.
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