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Synonyms for enemy

Synonyms for enemy

one who is hostile to or opposes the purposes or interests of another

Synonyms for enemy

an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force)

any hostile group of people

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Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran under the command of Supreme Leader (of the Islamic Revolution) Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei and inspired by his guidelines as the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces will continue down the honorable path of strengthening its power of defense and deterrence, and disappointing the enemies," General Salehi said.
There's a saying, 'Choose your friends wisely, but choose your enemies more carefully.
The new "Volume" trailer shows off exactly that, with the protagonist hiding in various corners to remain unnoticed by the brutish-looking enemies that haunt the almost dreamlike environments.
He explained that he wanted to know who were our historical enemies, those who kill us and whom we kill.
Shortly after receiving the enemy traffic, our eastern recon and surveillance (R&S) patrol supporting the deception effort made contact with five heavily armed enemies in a wash paralleling the simulated vehicle breakdown site.
Therefore, wise leaders always seek means to identify who their enemies are and who they might be in the future.
In our time we needed no walls to protect us from our enemies, not
Should we retreat from the battlefield in Iraq -- which is what anything short of legitimate victory would be -- America will have established a 60-year record of failing to prevail against strategically significant enemies.
Now we are immersed in asymmetrical warfare, where states face non-state enemies who are palpably post-modern: trans-national, decentralized, more closely resembling a fog or that mythic beast with multiple and multiplying heads, the hydra, than the traditional more or less well-defined and (at least potentially) containable national enemy.
After Scott La Rock was gunned down on a Bronx street, KRS-1 posed for Boogie Down Productions' second album cover alone, looking from behind a window curtain for enemies below, gripping an Uzi semi-automatic as Malcolm X had his rifle two decades before.
And yet in his new work, it is no longer clear if mimicry serves to protect the soldiers from enemies or if it expresses an impulse to become inseparable from the environment and disappear into it.
With few exceptions, reporters and commentators interpreted the rulings as unwavering affirmations of the judicial branch's authority in the face of an overreaching executive intent on detaining, indefinitely and incommunicado, citizens and noncitizens designated as enemies in the war on terror.
The context in Isa 50:4-9, however, makes it more likely that the enemies assaulting the Servant consist of Jews who are rebelling against the teaching that the Servant embodies.