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an injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation

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FIVE prisoners accused of beating another inmate before allegedly forcing him to have an enema in order to obtain drugs from inside him have appeared at court.
The company said the primary objective of the company's Proof-of-Concept (PoC) trial is to assess the frequency of clinical remission (defined using Modified Mayo Disease Activity Index [MMDAI] scoring) with Brilacidin administered per rectum by enema in patients with active UP or UPS after six weeks of treatment.
These patients were haemodynamically stabilized and were subjected to definitive procedure, enema reduction was tried in all patients.
5) Contrast enema confirming an intussusception may also show a meniscus sign.
Oddly enough the barium enema may cause the intussusception to right itself.
Twenty patients were randomized to receive topically applied SB012 enema or placebo once daily for 28 days.
The product is an enema formulation of hgd40, which is a new DNAzyme that specifically binds and inactivates GATA-3 mRNA and subsequent GATA-3 protein expression.
The products within this lot are ready to use phosphate enemas to be used prior to a flexible sigmoidoscopy as part of the bowel cancer screening programme.
In case you have never heard of a coffee enema, it is not unlike a regular enema - a type of cleanse in which you insert liquid through the rectum into the colon,(https://www.
Treatment of constipation in cats involves making sure that an affected cat is well-hydrated; the elimination of causative agents where possible; medical management using laxatives, enemas, and drugs that increase intestinal motility; dietary modification; and surgical removal of affected portions of the colon.
It was alleged they beat a man then forced him to have the enema with a "home-made kit" in Holme House Prison on May 16, 2015.
Material and Methods: Two hundred twenty-seven patients were randomly assigned into three groups; enema before purgative use, enema after purgative use, and no enema.
The three most popular investigations for Hirschsprung disease are barium enema, histological study and anorectal manometry.
The purpose of our study was to ascertain the effectiveness of ultrasound guidance in the hydrostatic reduction of intussusception in children, in order to spare them exposure to ionising radiation associated with barium enema, as well as standard risks associated with surgery and postoperative complications.
Bear, who famously gave himself an enema during an episode Ladies' Alex Scott and Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks complete the line-up.