endurance contest

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any long and arduous undertaking

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A lot of times it seemed more like an endurance contest.
How about this one: the organisers of a Dutch barstool-sitting endurance contest -- for there is such a thing -- have this week banned contestants from drinking Red Bull to keep them awake.
To paraphrase a Navy slogan, IMTS is more than a job--it's an endurance contest.
It was a survival competition that was as much steely mind game as physical endurance contest.
It'll become an endurance contest with the armed group but the safe release of the hostages is the greatest objective," Abdurazakov told reporters in Sapporo.
It was, in the end, a kind of high-minded endurance contest.
With no fewer than 44 cars set to line-up on the Monza grid, round one of the season -- which will be a three hour endurance contest -- is set to kick-start the championship in spectacular fashion with some of the globe's most prestigious and exclusive automotive marques all doing battle.
Farris Hodo, Kevin Cood and Victor Lopez outlasted 97 other contestants to earn the record as the endurance contest concluded four days after it began three days ago at the Hollywood and Highland central courtyard.
A GERMAN won an endurance contest by staying in a 110C sauna for four minutes 52 seconds.
But because ``Big Brother'' is an endurance contest with rules, it offers CBS little scheduling flexibility.
Mr Wilson, who has run the Tough Guy endurance contest - which combines cross-country running with assault-course stunts - for the past 15 years, introduced the Jesus Warriors dimension to mark the new Millennium.
Our guests will spend as much time in the saddle as they can stand without it becoming an endurance contest.
It's both a mental and physical endurance contest because you're out there with 50 other couples doing the same dances.
CONGRATULATIONS to one Andreas Kramp - that's his real name,honest - who bore temperatures of 230F for four minutes52seconds to win Germany's first sauna endurance contest.
Off the air: A Glendale resident, Benson mixes his love for music with auto racing and on Memorial Day weekend will participate in a three-hour endurance contest near Bakersfield.