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Synonyms for endurable

capable of being tolerated

Synonyms for endurable

capable of being borne though unpleasant

References in classic literature ?
Feeling this, Jo's burden seemed easier to bear, duty grew sweeter, and life looked more endurable, seen from the safe shelter of her mother's arms.
This water is conducted in pipe to the numerous bath-houses, and is reduced to an endurable temperature by the addition of cold water.
He asked himself these questions with a cruel anguish; but even this pain seemed endurable beside the frenzy into which he was thrown at the thought of a lying and deceitful Christine.
A thousand times I thought how much more endurable would have been my lot had Toby still been with me.
The projectile's low temperature was no longer endurable.
I know no station which is rendered more endurable to the person in it, or more safe to the person out of it, by having ignorance for its associate.
It was scarcely endurable to look at the rope, and think of its giving way.
Both doors and lattices were open; and yet, as is usually the case in a coal-district, a fine red fire illumined the chimney: the comfort which the eye derives from it renders the extra heat endurable.
Still, baron," said Monte Cristo, "family griefs, or indeed any other affliction which would crush a man whose child was his only treasure, are endurable to a millionaire.
Artifacts could include a painting or some very heavy or costly pieces that we use to decorate our homes and which must be endurable.
I might wonder, if it was me, whether I'd have told him and his company where to stick their cash, but - if the gesture helps, however marginally, to ease the Dowlers' pain and make their lives a little more endurable - then I am glad for them.
Signed memorabilia from two of the games most endurable figures WG Grace and Sir Jack Hobbs will go under the hammer to help finance Glamorgan County Cricket Club's ambitious project at the Swalec stadium.
The local basketball season has reached those "dog days" of January when the practices seem longer, bus rides are barely endurable and tournament seems to be months away instead of just weeks.
At least Tobey was able to run, and his win will make the drive back more endurable.
Storing: Email needs to be stored in an open (non-database) format that is endurable and sustainable.