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Synonyms for endue

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for endue

give qualities or abilities to

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Terrorism means years on the run, eating poor food, and enduing primitive medical care, with all the stresses of campaigning and doubts about one's family back home.
This session will chronicle the role and impact of various forms of physical activity in the lives of AA from its African roots to present day; explore physical activity in the form of work, sport, recreation, and the concept of disease prevention; and provide an in-depth perspective on key factors that will lay the foundation from which to build meaningful, successful, and enduing programs in AA communities.
MILLWALL keeper Andy Marshall got sympathy from both managers after enduing a nightmare game against his former club.
After enduing a year they would not care to repeat, Birmingham City yesterday adopted an 'out with the old, in with the new' approach to 2005.
Now, after enduing homophobic censorship, I am wondering if I should go ahead and move now.
The enduing master plan may then act as a prototype for all of Lebanon in order to make our nation safer.
He directed all concerned to make the return smooth and enduing.
Also, it is enduing in the development of the next generation of cyber specialists and it had formed a collaboration with Cyber Security Challenge UK, under which it has introduced the youth-based cyber defence competition CyberCenturion in the UK aimed at building tomorrowA[sup.