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Synonyms for endue

to present with a quality, trait, or power

Synonyms for endue

give qualities or abilities to

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This internship has allowed me to learn from a group of exceptional mentors while continuing to support veterans and service members through IFA's VetFran program and Operation Enduing Opportunity.
Meanwhile, the sun broke through from above with a thousand rays, enduing the mist with tints of gold, silver, and crimson.
The anti-American forces boosted in the post 9/11 in these areas becauseof the Operation enduing Freedom's brutality in Pusthun areas.
Jones is a 188-page compendium of how to deal with the sudden short term, and enduing long term consequences of economic upheaval in terms of unanticipated job loss, loss of residence, and the barriers to re-employment.
5 per cent, with the number of houses sold reduced from 76,454 for the year enduing May 29 2009 to 73,800.
Intentionally chosing appropriate research methods Worthy of the term significant Emerging toward a new and enduing infrastructure
In that time, he curated numerous displays, including most recently exhibits about Operations Enduing Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, the 100 Mission tradition, and Escape and Evasion in World War II.
There simply seems to be no other way of looking at our never enduing tragic predicaments, which are, frankly speaking, mostly the product of the regime's incompetence at pursuing the mandate that the regime willful and persistently bestowed upon itself, without recourse whatsoever to the will of the people of the Republic of Yemen -- north and south.
Terrorism means years on the run, eating poor food, and enduing primitive medical care, with all the stresses of campaigning and doubts about one's family back home.
Two current works stand out: Sharon Welch's After Empire: The Art and Ethos of Enduing Peace and Anthony J.
This session will chronicle the role and impact of various forms of physical activity in the lives of AA from its African roots to present day; explore physical activity in the form of work, sport, recreation, and the concept of disease prevention; and provide an in-depth perspective on key factors that will lay the foundation from which to build meaningful, successful, and enduing programs in AA communities.
MILLWALL keeper Andy Marshall got sympathy from both managers after enduing a nightmare game against his former club.