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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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Our results confirmed that blind office biopsy without the assistance of imaging techniques like endovaginal ultrasound and SIS can easily miss many lesions.
Then do an endovaginal ultrasound and check all pelvic organs.
That will facilitate detection of large, solid masses that may not be apparent on endovaginal ultrasound.
Endovaginal ultrasound has dramatically improved the ability to visualize the uterus and adjacent structures.
Very early pregnancy detection with endovaginal ultrasound.
Smith Bindman R: Kulikowskek, Felf stein VA; Sub a Kl; Scherdler J: Segal N, Brand R; Grady D; Endovaginal ultrasound to exclude endometrial cancer and other endometrial abnormalities.
6) Although the mineralization of the skull is not well established until after 10 weeks, there have been cases of prenatal diagnosis as early as 9 weeks, 3 days proven by post-mortem endovaginal ultrasound.
And among women in preterm labor, fetal fibronectin testing and endovaginal ultrasound may help identify who isn't likely to have a preterm birth but are less successful in predicting who will deliver early, according to the investigators.
Endovaginal ultrasound may also be used to detect distal ureteral stones.
In the study, women with placentas located 3 cm or closer to the internal os on third-trimester transabdominal ultrasound underwent further assessment by translabial or endovaginal ultrasound, which was repeated in any subsequent ultrasound evaluations.