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very high frequency sound

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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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In various published series, the diagnostic accuracy of endovaginal ultrasound in adenomyosis has typically been reported to be 68%-86%, while MRI weighs in at 85%-90%.
In a prospective investigation, she and associates at the University of California, Davis, found that endovaginal ultrasound helped correctly identify 33 of 40 endometriomas among 150 adnexal masses.
5 cm from the internal os on the first translabial or endovaginal ultrasound.
However, 17 well-conducted studies showed that a negative fetal fibronectin test and a normal endovaginal ultrasound had strong negative predictive values: 99% of women were likely not to give birth within 7 days and 83% likely not to give birth before term.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Postmenopausal women with an endometrial stripe thickness of 5 mm or less on endovaginal ultrasound probably do not need a biopsy to evaluate the endometrium, Dr.
A hypoechoic periphery or compressed myometrium can be seen with a fibroid by endovaginal ultrasound, but not necessarily by transabdominal ultrasound.
Endovaginal ultrasound has dramatically improved the ability to visualize the uterus and adjacent structures.
6) Although the mineralization of the skull is not well established until after 10 weeks, there have been cases of prenatal diagnosis as early as 9 weeks, 3 days proven by post-mortem endovaginal ultrasound.