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Patients who were referred for MIDCAB surgery, and who did not present contraindications to epidural catheter placement and consented for operation under epidural anesthesia; were randomized either to undergo operation under general endotracheal anesthesia (GA Group) or under epidural anesthesia (EA Group).
General endotracheal anesthesia was used in all, and three ports were placed according to the location of the effusion.
The patient was scheduled for an elective excision of the mass under general endotracheal anesthesia.
Cardiac surgery is different from other surgical procedures because the large sternotomy incision required to access the heart requires general endotracheal anesthesia.
Four patients with good performance status and very large secondary hepatic tumors as identified on diagnostic CT were treated with percutaneous CT guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) under general endotracheal anesthesia.