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a toxin that is confined inside the microorganisms and is released only when the microorganisms are broken down or die

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We hypothesised that the endotoxic LPS component of the Gram-negative bacteria C.
Silencing of caspase-8 and caspase-3 by RNA interference prevents vascular endothelial cell injury in mice with endotoxic shock.
This host response is important for an effective immune system; however, overproduction of proinflammatory factors can cause endotoxic shock.
2005) Renal tubular triglyercide accumulation following endotoxic, toxic, and ischemic injury.
1 deficient mice endotoxic shock induced by LPS administration showed reduced survival.
Essential role for estrogen in protection against Vibrio vulnificus-induced endotoxic shock.
The lipid A moiety is responsible for the endotoxic activity and is the most highly conserved part of the structure, typically with two glucosamines, two phosphate esters, and five to seven fatty acids (Raetz & Whitfield 2002).
Prof Burt said: "It is possible that he died as a consequence of endotoxic shock, secondary to a bowel infection but this cannot be confirmed.
Gender differences in neutrophil function and cytokine-induced neutrophil chemoattractant generation in endotoxic rats.
The basal concentration of NO was 45 [+ or -] 5 and 27 [+ or -] 8 nmol/L in control and endotoxic tissue, respectively.
Compounds such as CV1013 that can inhibit caspases may potentially form the basis for new drugs for endotoxic shock and other degenerative diseases.
In addition to the product and service offerings within Arthritis, MD Biosciences also offers products and services within other therapeutic areas such as Multiple sclerosis, Respiratory, IBD, Type I Diabetes, Endotoxic shock, Contact Dermatitis, Inflammatory and Arthritic Pain, Gliosis, and Parkinson's Disease.
Age-associated loss of immunomodulatory protection by granulocytecolony stimulating factor in endotoxic rats.
Protective effect of baicalein against endotoxic shock in rats in vivo and in vitro.
2] synthase, campothecin, hydrogen peroxide or hypoxia 2004 (81) Rats Haemorrhagic shock EPO 300 U/kg IV pre and endotoxic shock resuscitation 2001 (84) Rats CIN: cisplatin EPO 100 U/kg i.