endothermic reaction

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a chemical reaction accompanied by the absorption of heat

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The results of DSC tests show that the particles with larger sizes absorb more energy during endothermic reaction before its thermal decomposition.
The last weight loss, which begins at 810 K, shows a strong endothermic reaction manifested in a high peak in DTA curve at 1012 K.
It forms aluminum oxide at 180[degrees]C to 200[degrees]C via an endothermic reaction that absorbs heat from the fire.
The nucleation and growth of the cell is an endothermic reaction.
Figure 1 shows the exothermic combustion enthalpies of proven cable jacket materials and, additionally, the endothermic reaction enthalpy of the decomposition reaction of aluminium hydroxide.
It was concluded that the flame resistance mechanism of LCPs can be attributed to the endothermic reaction at the ester linkage rupture process, char formation and diluting oxygen by evolution of C[O.
Since the Tg signifies the transition of the polymer from a glassy solid to an elastic phase, the transition involves a drop in enthalpy and shows up in the DSC curve as an endothermic reaction.
For the sample with much more surface group, the heat of endothermic reaction was greater.