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(of a chemical reaction or compound) occurring or formed with absorption of heat

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The melting temperature and melting enthalpy (DHf) was determined from DSC endothermal peakes.
Endothermal treatment is likely to be the cost-effective treatment strategy for bilateral treatment.
Perioperative Anticoagulation Management and Outcomes for Endothermal Ablative Surgery: Glenn R.
It should be underscored that the two heating curves by DSC provided a single endothermal peak without any polymorphism, or rather, there is only a crystalline structure for both samples.
Enthalpy loss of the drug in presence of emcompress seems to have been resulted from the presence, in emcompress, of conspicuous endothermal peak, at the temperature well below the melting point of the drug (Fig 2).
The first endothermal peak (665 [degrees]C) is close to the melting temperature of technical aluminium, and the second one (840 [degrees]C) is close to the melting temperature of metallic calcium.
The ClosureFAST device has significantly improved endothermal ablation with a smooth, deliberate, controlled and much swifter technique," said Robert F.
In addition to these exothermal products, a separate line of endothermal blowing agents is available.
The endothermal decomposition of polyamide 6 was promoted by water and hydrogen from the coal degradation, because coal is a strong H-donor.
That furnace sits there when there's no load in it, eating up too much energy just to maintain temperature above 1400 F because you cannot allow the endothermal gas to enter the furnace below 1400 F or you would risk an explosive atmosphere.
Two endothermal peaks and one exothermal peak appeared in the DSC curves and the liquid crystalline phase was observed by POM during heating and cooling.
A wide endothermal peak at 135C is observed in DTA of Fe(HL)3 2H2O and the relevant TG curve shows weight loss of 2.
An exothermic effect and maximum gain in mass occurred at the temperature of 840[degrees]C; an endothermal effect, connected with the removal of hydrogen, can be followed in the temperature range 550-700[degrees]C.