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Synonyms for antagonist

Synonyms for antagonist

one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

Synonyms for antagonist

a muscle that relaxes while another contracts

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a drug that neutralizes or counteracts the effects of another drug

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The consistency and robustness of the positive results from the clinical trial programs CHEST and PATENT are substantial: Riociguat has demonstrated significant and sustained clinical efficacy and safety in treatment-naive PAH patients and patients pre-treated with endothelin-receptor antagonists (ERAs) or prostanoid monotherapy, as well as in patients with inoperable CTEPH or persistent or recurrent CTEPH after surgery.
Both bosentan and sitaxsentan are orally administered endothelin-receptor antagonists, but bosentan blocks both the "A" and "B" receptor subtypes, while sitaxsentan is highly selective for the A subtype.
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