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an epithelium of mesoblastic origin

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1997; Dalmau, 2003) but the LEL has been reported to bind to poly-N-acetyl-lactosamine residues in other different cells like as on endothelia (Whyte et al.
In all ages studied the LEL-staining was observed in the endothelia of mostly vessels in the pineal capsules (C), in the central regions of the gland (CR) and, in the peripheral region, which encompasses two subdivisions: the more peripheral layer (PL--underlying the C) and the deep layer (DL--adjacent and under to PL).
Using rabbit cells, researchers cultivated CECs in the lab and injected them into the anterior chamber of rabbit eyes with damaged corneal endothelia.
Reduced nitric oxide could also stimulate the synthesis and release of endothelia, producing enhanced vasoconstrictor tone; promote the release and activity of growth factors, producing smooth muscle hyperplasia and migration into the intima; and enhance the synthesis and release of proinflammatory cytokines.
In the rat aortic rings with functional endothelia, 7-epiclusianone up to 10[micro]M induced a concentration-dependent vasodilatation of the sustained contractions induced by phenylephrine (0.